Nature trips not too far from Durant

I remember when I was a kid going on family excursions to see the fall leaves in the mountains. It seemed like it took more than a little bit to get there and I got car sickness that made my head feel like it was in a vice. But I liked to go on those trips and have returned as an adult, so I must have been impressed with Talimena Drive.As I recall, it was not only a lesson in appreciating nature’s aesthetics but my dad also would impart knowledge in tidbits. One example: The ...

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It’s never too late to live

The women at Heartland Plaza nursing home in Durant have found a way to keep their spirits alive through art.Four women at the home joined together to share their love of art and have even made a calendar for the retirement center.Although one member of the class passed away, the other three carry on doing what they enjoy, paying no mind to what age they may be.Barbara Mathis is the youngest at nearly 90 years old and has always had a passion for art. Mathis S...

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Working for a better life

My name is Ashley”Mo” Crawford and I’m 26. What prompted me to start my change was my son who is 7.He is active in basketball and soccer. I couldn’t keep up with him anymore, I was out of breath and would rather lie on the couch than spend time with my son.I started off my lifestyle change by taking an afternoon boot camp class with Elicia Marquez, she is a personal trainer at Nautilus and travels around training clients.She is so motiv...

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Mother discusses healthy eating

My husband and I both struggled with our weight growing up. Even now, you probably won’t see either of us on the cover of some sports magazine any time soon. Over the past few years, we have both been consistently losing weight together by making some changes in our lifestyle. We never ate too terribly in the past. We just didn’t always make the “better choice” or always adhere to good portion control. And in all honesty, we still don’t always do those things. Bu...

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Caching in!

Ever wanted to go treasure hunting but were unsure of where to start?Or perhaps you’re afraid of looking like an idiot with one of those long-handled metal detector things?Maybe you thought treasure was something you could only find in faraway lands where it was too expensive to travel?Well, thanks to “geocaching,” you don’t have to look much further than your own backyard! We discovered this amazingly fun and addicting activity and bec...

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Local couple celebrates 35 years

Bubby and Sheri Hart are celebrating their...

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Families try to water down the heat

With heat indexes exceeding 100 degrees this week, an...

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Bowles, Halley to wed

Benny Bowles and Marion Halley of Colbert will be...

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My own Mount Airy

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Online Features

Families try to water down the heat

With heat indexes exceeding 100 degrees this week, an...

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Embry and McKinney wed

Caitlin Embry of Atoka and Tyler McKinney of Denison,...

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