Reader says political cartoon not supported by facts

August 23, 2013

 The point of the August 18th Durant Daily Democrat political cartoon, “The Bull and the Clown,” is, like an earlier one on the same topic, not supported by the evidence.

The cartoon depicts a cowhand (“Clown”) being bucked off a fierce-looking bull named “Obamacare,” and the cowboy asks, “I voted for this?” The point is that we’re in for a rough ride when Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) kicks in.
What happens when we see a catchy cartoon is just human nature: We remember it better than a long, drawn-out list of boring facts.
It isn’t my aim here to compose another of my long, drawn-out lists of boring facts. I’ll only briefly mention that very competent studies show that Obamacare will bring to Oklahoma lower health-insurance rates all around; wider coverage; 9,000 new health-related jobs; a $30-million increase in tax collections; and continuing 90% federal-funding for the Medicaid expansion.
Support for these studies comes from such major sources as Oklahoma State University; the Rand Corporation, a nonpartisan research organization; newspapers like The New York Times and The Washington Post; and major economists like Nobel-Prize Paul Krugman.
But, when we see the cartoon “The Bull and the Clown,” human nature kicks in. If we find it clever, we may remember it. And this is most unfortunate for those among us who don’t know the facts.
Joe Littlejohn