Roff roughs up Calera in top 10 baseball match-up

By Zach Maxwell

September 6, 2013

CALERA – The Bulldogs’ eight game win streak came to an end Thursday as the Roff Tigers left town with a 7-4 win.

They’re a state tournament team, so to play them close is good for us,” said Calera baseball Coach Rickey Teafatiller. “We didn’t come out early in the game. We’ve got to take advantage of runners in scoring position and do a better job early in games. We seem to just wait for those big innings.”

Josh Loper got the start and Connor Hamilton closed the game on the mound.

Jesse Collett scored Braxton Barton from second on a single to start the Bulldog’s scorecard. In a short-lived seventh inning rally, Barton stretched a double into three bases and later scored, then Collett blasted a solo home run for the fourth and final run.

Results of a late game between Calera and Wright City were not available as of presstime Friday.

The Bulldogs (11-3) will visit Caney at 4 p.m. today. The schedule shows Boswell visiting Calera on Monday, setting up a showdown between the 10th-ranked Scorpions (Class B, 13-2) and the 10th-ranked Bulldogs (Class A).