Bryan County children learn about fire prevention

By Jessica Breger Staff Writer jbreger@civitasmedia.com

October 13, 2013

Students from across Bryan County have been visiting the Durant Fire Department this past week to learn about fire safety and firefighters.

The week of October 9 is National Fire Prevention week every year and fire departments across the country work to educate children during that week.

The Durant Fire Department set up a series of tours that encompasses several elementary schools and day care centers in the county.

Approximately 700 children came to visit the fire department last week. The program is geared toward children in pre-K through third grade.

“Hopefully some of the kids will pick up on the safety tips,” said firefighter Jeff Langford. He said that children in these age groups usually remember to dial 911 and stop, drop and roll technique.

He said these small safety tips that they remember can help save their lives.

During each tour, children were shown a video on fire safety. The video informed children about what to do during fires and the ways firefighters help.

After the video, children were led to the fire engines. Here, firemen demonstrated how they put on their uniforms and what they looked like before and after the uniform was put on.

The firefighters explained the purpose of each piece of gear as it was put on. Children were then shown the inside of the fire engines at the station and got to experience the sights and sounds of the fire engines.