Bokchito officer under investigation by OSBI

By Zach Maxwell Staff Reporter

October 16, 2013

A police officer recently connected to Achille and Bokchito police departments is now the subject of an OSBI search warrant, according to court records.

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation requested and obtained a search warrant on Oct. 3 for a cellular phone belonging to Allen Lee Golden, a reserve officer for Bokchito Police Department.

Investigators believe Golden may have falsely reported a crime relating to a Sept. 24 pursuit in which Golden said he was fired upon by suspects in a Ford Mustang near Caddo.

Golden initially reported a pursuit of the Mustang west of Caddo. Police radio broadcasts indicate he lost the vehicle, then found it again and confronted the suspects at a residence near Caddo, as reported in a Sept. 25 article in Durant Daily Democrat. The newspaper’s story relied completely on live police radio transmissions as the incident unfolded. .

According to those radio reports, Golden was injured by broken glass from his patrol car as a result of shots fired at him. The officer indicated that he returned fire on the suspects, and a search involving multiple agencies took place over the course of the night of Sept. 24.

OSBI officials confirmed that they assisted Bokchito police on crime scene investigation related to the alleged shooting. The warrant request resulted as part of that investigation.

“(OSBI) believes the Cellular Telephone belonging to Allen Golden, on the date of seizure, contains information relevant to prove Golden gave false information to (OSBI),” states the warrant filed in Bryan County Clerk’s Office.

“During the pursuit, an officer radioed Golden to check his smart phone for his GPS location. Golden responded that he had no cell service,” states the warrant. “(OSBI) has observed that statements reported by Golden were inconsistent with the nature and location(s) of the reported crime.”

No charges have been filed on any suspects in the alleged shooting, nor against Golden as of Wednesday.

As recently as September, Golden was employed as a patrol officer with Achille Police Department. He reportedly resigned from Achille before the town’s board of trustees could discuss his employment status following a citizen complaint.

Thomas Kagel of Colbert issued a statement to the Durant Daily Democrat outlining an August incident in which he was pulled over, allegedly by Golden.

Kagel, a 63-year-old Vietnam veteran, said the traffic stop quickly escalated to the point that Golden pulled a gun on him. Kagel received five citations, including one for assaulting a police officer.

Golden told local television news outlets that Kagel “took a swing” at the officer, but Kagel disputes this.

“That is an absolute lie, I never took a swing at him, except I jerked my arm away from him, and then he jumped me from behind, and all I did was to push him off,” Kagel states.

Kagel says the physical altercation began when he disputed allegations of speeding. While turning to get his driver’s license, Kagel says Golden then accused him of resisting arrest and surprised him by trying to grab his arm.

Some of the traffic citations against Kagel have been dismissed.

This case was one of two complaints against former Achille police officers since August. The other involved a traffic stop on a 90-year-old woman in which another former officer allegedly pulled his service weapon on the woman after she accidentally backed into his patrol car on the traffic stop.

The Durant Daily Democrat could not immediately confirm if Golden was still affiliated with Bokchito police. Messages left with Bokchito Police Chief Mike Erwin by the newspaper were not returned.