Cheer up, Lions: You’re the best 1-7 team in Oklahoma

By Randy Bruce and Zach Maxwell Sports Writers

October 31, 2013

The Durant Lions are having one of those silver-lining, cup-half-full, bright-side kind of football seasons.

They are, after all, the highest scoring 1-7 team in the entire state of Oklahoma.

A review of all football teams from Class A to 6A revealed 31 teams with a 1-7 record through last Friday. The average offensive output among those is 14.6 points per game. The Lions can brag about doubling up on that number.

So what does this number mean? In short, it means the Lions have quite an effective core up front who can put up some yards.

Through eight games, Lions quarterback Zac Cater is second among all Oklahoma quarterbacks with 2,247 passing yards. He has dished out 25 touchdowns with only six INTs on a passing rate of just under 63 percent.

Two of Durant’s receivers are in the top 15 in the state among non-independent schools (those in a “district”). Sophomore Skye Lowe is second with his 63 catches good for 841 yards. Brandon Maynard is at 15 with 631 yards on 43 catches. He has nine TDs this season.

“Phenomenal. Great year, all three of them,” said Lions Coach Byron Cordell. “Zac has rewritten all the (Durant) record books, not only for a season, but for career also. He is having a better year than we hoped, exceeded all of our expectations. He is a really good athlete.”

Cordell called Lowe the “complete package” with great speed and hands, while Maynard was praised as the “glue that holds everything together.”

“Brandon is a guy who works extremely hard. He runs some of the best routes of anybody I have ever coached,” Cordell said. “He may have gotten over looked a little bit by people, but he is one the top receivers in the state.”

None of it could happen without an effective offensive line.

“They are doing a good job. They have given Zac a lot of time to throw and when we need to run the ball they have done a pretty good job there,” Cordell said. “And they really have come together, Coach Pratt has done a real good job with them. We have four of them coming back for next year, we’re real excited about that.”

Oh, and that singular early season victory? Oddly enough, it was one of the Lions’ lowest scoring games of the season - a 9-7 decision over Ardmore. The Tigers are now 7-1 on the season and haven’t lost since Durant came to town.

The Lions will have a chance to add to those big numbers on Friday as the Noble Bears visit Paul Laird Field with their 3-5 record (1-4 in district). The Bears are giving up more than 27 points per game this season.

“We want to finish the season in the right way for our seniors. They have done a great job being leaders this year.” said head coach Byron Cordell, “I’m very proud of them.”

Noble is a tough district foe, though a 3-5 record could fool you. “They are a lot like us because they throw the ball alot. When you watch the film, they throw it as much as we do.” said Cordell, “They are more wide open than we are, a lot of empty sets and lots of motion. They very scary on offense.”

This could be a shooutout that the Lions can win.