Rock Creek Mustangs making strides

By Randy Bruce

November 24, 2013

The Rock Creek Mustangs struggled last season and finished with a 7-17 record. But improvements are on the horizon for Mustangs.

“We struggled a little bit, but as the year went on we made a lot of improvements. They have worked really hard between last year and this year. I think we are going to be better off this year and much improved team,” said head coach Rob Frederick.

Frederick is in his second year as the Mustangs head coach. And he is beginning to put his stamp on this team.

With few seniors on the squad, Frederick and the young ‘Stangs will be in position to have a fast and furious offense. Type of game play that keeps the defense on its collective toes.

“On offense, we are looking at small ball this year. We want to move the ball and have a lot of good passing. Attack when we can off the dribble and try to take advantage of some of the things that some of players have gotten better at this year,” said Frederick.

The Mustangs will have a defensive mind set to put pressure on the offense. Make the opponent to commit turnovers, force bad shots and create an offensive rhythm off miscues.

“On defense, we want to run a good man-to-man type defense. We really want to match up with people and force people to be uncomfortable, make do things that they don’t like to do. Try to create as many opportunities to get the ball up the court as we can.”

Rock Creek is in what can be called a ‘rebuilding year’. So far, coach Frederick has give the Mustangs a solid foundation in which to build upon.

Rock Creek Boys Roster 2013-2014

Number- Name -Height- Grade

2 -Devion Angello -5’8”- 10

3 -Nash Hestily -6’2”- 11

4 -Davis Rogers -5’9”- 9

5 -Noe Alaniz- 6’0”- 9

10 -Toby McIntire- 5’9”- 12

11 -Branten Vandenburg -5’10” -11

13 -Ryan Littrell- 5’9”- 9

14 -Tyler Parker- 6’2”- 12

15 -Garrett Mitchell- 5’9”- 9

20 -Brock Allen- 6’1”- 9

21 -Ethan Mitchell -5’10”- 12

22 -Justice Martin -5’8”- 9

23 -Matt Cinverse- 6’1”- 10

24 -Bronson Burns -6’0”- 11

25 -Austin McCann -5’9”- 10

32 -Josh Eiler -6’1”- 9

33 -Dakota House -5’11”- 11

35 -Jacob Venegas -6’2”- 9

Head Coach: Rob Frederick

Asst. Coach: Derek Anderson

Managers: Keaton Luellen, Austin Hamill and Tristan Holman

Rock Creek 2013-14 Basketball Schedule


Dec. 3 @ Caddo

Dec. 5 @ Rattan

Dec. 7 Kiowa

Dec. 12-14 Rock Creek Tourney

Dec. 17 Stonewall

Dec. 20 @ Colbert


Jan. 14 Calera

Jan. 20-24 @ Bryan County Tourney

Jan. 28 @ Tushka

Jan. 31 Coalgate


Feb. 4 @ Coleman

Feb. 7 @ Eagletown

Feb. 11 Caney

Feb. 13-15 District Tourney

Feb. 21-23 Regional Tourney

Feb. 27- 1 Area Tourney


Mar. 6-8 State Tourney

*All games will start@ 6:30 pm