Down Memory Lane

Don Harris

January 5, 2014

Come with me down Memory Lane. As I’ve said before, I was raised on a little farm in the Cobb area. There is a lot of work on a farm.

I never did see any future in hoeing cotton, peanuts, peanuts, corn, and pulling cotton, threshing peanuts and gathering corn. I sure did a lot of it. Now, let’s got to town. We will start at Katy Street, and it was like this when I was a young boy. They had lockers that people rented to put their meat in. Mr. Jones operated Arctic Circle Lockers.

There on Katy Street OG & E made electricity for Durant. Mr. Shelton was superintendent. I think now they get their electricity from Denison Dam. There used to be a ice plant on Katy Street. There also was a cotton compress where the Durant Iron Company is today.

Also there was a flour mill. It caught fire once and one of the firemen, Bud Green, got hurt really bad, but he finally got well. Do you remember the Double Dip Ice Cream Parlor right about the tag office is today? The post office was on the northeast corner at Evergreen and Third Avenue. On the south side of the post office was the Piggly Wiggly grocery store.

Across the Street to the west was the telephone office. Next door west of it was Evergreen Hospital which is south of the city hall today. In front of the hospital on Evergreen there were Magnolia trees that were beautiful.