Trooper Tips

Trooper Steve Nabors Oklahoma Highway Patrol Troop E Durant

January 21, 2014

Welcome to 2014. Let’s start the year off safe. As everyone knows we are in the winter season and as Oklahoma weather goes it can change anytime. We experienced a major storm in early December 2013 giving us weather we haven’t seen in a couple of decades.

All the roads were covered either by snow or ice or both for numerous days. This is a good reminder that we always need to be aware of the weather and prepare for it.

This means you need to have enough supplies on hand in case your home bound for several days/nights. Also have your vehicle winter weather prepared such as having full tank of gas, make sure you have good tires with proper air pressure, flashlight, blankets and a plan.

As with this last storm, we were recommending people not get out and travel unless it was absolutely necessary. North Texas was also hit hard which impacted vehicle travel here in Oklahoma.

Please take these warnings seriously as we don’t want anyone hurt or killed on dangerously slick roads that mother nature gives us. Oklahoma Department of Transportation does a wonderful job doing what they can when the roads get bad and we need the public’s help also. Until next time drive safe and courteously.