Trooper Tips

By Trooper Steve Nabors Oklahoma Highway Patrol Troop E Durant

March 4, 2014

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol would like to remind drivers of a very basic law while driving, speed limits.

Every road we drive on is regulated by a speed limit. Seems like no matter what direction we drive there will be a construction or maintenance zone that may be in our route.

With most construction or maintenance zones, the legal speed limit has been reduced for safety reasons and not just for the workers but for the motoring public. The speed limits for construction and maintenance zones are in effect 24 hours a day whether workers are present or not.

If workers are present and you are cited in one of these zones, the fine could be doubled. As mentioned earlier theses speed limits are in effect 24 hours a day until the construction or maintenance is finished. A lot of factors determine a speed limit, such as traffic count, motor vehicle collisions with and without injuries and a percentage of what the normal traffic travels.

So before a speed limit on a State or US highway is determined a lot of information is obtained and analyzed. Speed limits can only increase or decrease no more than 10 MPH increments. Look for the speed limit signs that are posted and they will guide you wherever your driving.

If you are traveling in the left lane on a multi-lane roadway you must be traveling at least the posted speed limit for that roadway and if not you need to be in the right lane. Speed limits are there for everyone’s safety. Please pay attention to these and drive accordingly.