State lawmakers speak in Durant

By Jessica Breger Staff Writer jbreger@civitasmedia.com

March 12, 2014

A legislative luncheon was held at Roma Italian Restaurant Friday March 7 allowing guests to hear from State Representative Dustin Roberts and State Senator Josh Brecheen.

The two spoke on issues currently being discussed at the capital during the current legislative session. This included issues such as drug and human trafficking laws, sexting laws for minors and state income tax issues.

One topic both law makers spoke on was Common Core in schools. Both said they are working to put Common Core on hold in Oklahoma.

Although the standard has been adopted by 45 states, some Oklahoma law makers say they don’t feel it is right for Oklahoma

Roberts said he feels we need to put education back in local control and in the control of those who know the students best.

“The schools know better than we do,” said Roberts.

He illustrated his point saying a good student may be going through a tough time at home or just not feeling up to par on the day of a test and they should not be failed for that.

Roberts also spoke about a bill to reduce the punishment for teens caught sexting each other, or sending sexual text messages.

Currently this is a federal offense. While Roberts said there should be some punishment for this act, federal punishment seems a bit too much.

Brecheen also discussed plans to increase employment eligibility for Oklahoma Highway Patrol to prevent a possible shortage of troopers.

Conversation on these and other topics continue at the State Capital this week.

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