Reader is proud of DHS Basketball team

By Randy Bruce

March 14, 2014

I am writing this letter to thank the Durant Lions Basketball team for a wonderful season of exciting high school basketball. I watched their first scrimmage at Madill before the season started and saw every game through their last. One game away from the state tournament, quite a turn-around from the last several years. The boys played hard every game and with the exception of two games, they were in position to win every one of them. I followed the team because my wife and I have two grandsons playing. But as the year went along we became attached to all the players, their families and friends. We have learned to respect and appreciate each player and their families. No matter where we traveled, far or near those same familiar friendly faces were at the games. Thank you for supporting your children and grandchildren. We were there in victory and in defeat to encourage and support these young men. Thanks to the administration, teachers, coaches and bus drivers for your support and leadership of our young men. We all want to win and for our teams to have success, but I believe the influence our coaches have on their players to help them to develop character, integrity, unity, and responsibility are of high importance. Thank you coaches for the time and energy you spend with your players to help them to become a team that works together for the good of the whole. So a thank you to athletic director, Tony Tubbs, Coach Jason Wilkerson and assistant Aaron Mullens, our tournament team of Derek Penz, Zac Cater, Will Engle, Landry Wright, James Donelan, Carson Campbell, Trey Cox, Skye Lowe, Tyler Stovall, Layton Tubbs, Tyler Shade, Alex Steve and Taylor Cox for your dedication to your sport and the effort you put in to bring us entertaining high school basketball. And on behalf of the supporters of our girls team and team’s supporters of the smaller schools around us, thank you for supporting your teams. I am also proud of my alma mater girls team, Caddo High for going to state this year. On a similar note, I appreciate the support our local media gives to high school athletics. I have no idea who is responsible, but I sure would like to see our Jr. Varsity basketball teams get some coverage in the paper also. These young men and women play hard and deserve some recognition for their efforts also.
Anthony G. Williams
Proud Grandfather