John Carey speaks for Hunger Coalition

By Randy Bruce

April 13, 2014

Former State Representative John Carey has become the voice of The Bryan County Coalition Against Hunger.

In this capacity, he will speak to county business and civic groups to explain the problem of hunger in the community and the coalition’s role in the fight against it.

Carey, a graduate of Southeastern Oklahoma State University and investment consultant for First United Bank and Trust, served in the Oklahoma House of Representatives from 2002 to 2010. He says that he has taken the job of speaking for the coalition because of the importance of its work. His talks will emphasize that a progressive community advocates both growing the economy and improving the lives of all citizens.

Carey will begin his talks in the next few weeks and make two talks per month.

Sandra Levins, the coalition member who helps Carey with arrangements for his appearances, said, “John is exactly the right person for this job. He shares the vision of the coalition as ‘neighbors helping neighbors,’ and with his teaching skills, he can get the idea across to others very effectively.”