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Is the world flat?

A group of people still believe we did not land men on the moon, claiming it was just Hollywood special effects. Others say Elvis is alive and hiding somewhere. Multitudes believe climate change is a hoax. more

A timely reminder

Elizabeth Willing Powel waited anxiously outside the door of the Pennsylvania State House. The delegates from the colonies had been working from May 25 until September 17, 1787, debating and writing a constitution. As Benjamin Franklin appeared from the door, she asked him, “What have we got, Doctor Franklin, a Republic or a Monarchy?” Franklin answered, “A Republic…if you can keep it.” more

An ordinary day is a gift of grace

A morning alarm chimes at seven. There are dogs and diva cats to feed. Coffee is set to brew. In the early chill, prayers are whispered. Decisions are easily made about breakfast, cereal or toast. Beds are straightened, and laundry is thrown in the washing machine. more

A day to honor our doctors

Health care is always changing, brought on by scientific breakthroughs, technological advancements, government regulation and reform. But there is one constant: physicians still shoulder the ultimate responsibility for a patient’s care whether it be in the emergency room, on the operating table or in a clinic. From the days of Hippocrates, doctors held the fate of their fellow human beings in their hands – and certainly in their hearts. more

A model for revitalizing our democratic spirit

I have written quite a few columns about capitalizing on the sense of unity that the Ukrainian war has brought to the people of the United States. Although there is still significant disagreement between Republicans and Democrats over some issues, the two parties both support Ukraine and have approved large blocks of funding. more

Lies destroy trust

The Big Lie that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump is killing our trust in each other. Many die-hard Trump fans like Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and Marjorie Taylor Greene keep fanning the flame. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) is now telling his supporters that they “all need to be storing up some ammunition” to respond if elections “continue to be stolen.” more

God heal America

I had a dream (I think it’s for all of us). more

‘Where have all the flowers gone?’

Those of us old enough to have lived through the Vietnam War era remember Peter, Paul, and Mary singing “Where have all the flowers gone? Long time passing.” I would like to change the lyrics slightly to, “Where has all the kindness gone? Long time passing. Where has compassion gone? Long time ago.” more

Seizing the moment—the right moment

One of the most obvious examples of the years of political fighting that have shattered the foundation of United States democracy is the voting-rights legislation languishing in Congress. Our elected officials have not been able to abide by the foundational principle of working together and compromising to get work done. more

Why Ukraine matters

“We are all Ukrainians now.” more

Lenten season — springtime for the soul

As January comes to a close and all the New Year’s resolutions have been made, and perhaps forgotten. It is now a time to look towards another season in which resolutions will be made. This season does not require that you make promises to do things that will help with your secular well-being. This is a season that requires an internal examination and a resolve to return to God. (Joel 2:12-18) more

Who is Todd Russ?

Oklahoma Rep. Todd Russ, R-Cordell, has filed legislation (HB 3702) that seeks to “protect” school-aged children from inappropriate material in school, university, and public libraries. However, the restrictions are so subjective they cannot be applied, and they are absolutely unneeded. more

Aging while living in nursing home

Have you ever stopped to think about your health and what would happen to you if you were no longer able to care for yourself? This is something some people think about as they get older. Aging is a part of life, which starts at birth and ends at death. more

Some thoughts about making up our minds

Marion Hill’s February 3rd column “It’s a Free Country” addresses several Oklahoma legislative initiatives that are part of a large national education problem. She deals with some state bills that are attempts to restrict what students can read and study in schools and universities. One bill would prohibit universities from requiring students to read about being more inclusive toward all varieties of sexual and racial differences unless the information is required for a major. Another bill would prohibit school libraries from having books on the same subjects—sexual and racial identity. more

Warning about banned books

Hi friend — here is a warning: School libraries and many homes have a book that contains graphic descriptions of murders, suicides, rapes, incest, genocides, and other acts of extreme violence. Should it be banned? more

Banning books a terrible idea

Oklahoma Senator Rob Standridge (R, Norman) has proposed legislation (SB1142) that would enable parents to ban books in public schools, setting a $10,000 bounty to be collected by parents for each day a challenged book remains on library shelves. more

Legislation would control right to read

“It’s a free country.” more

A day to celebrate love

People will go to any length to show their love. So many sacrifices are made in order to please the one who is loved. Young men will work at very difficult jobs in order to buy a certain young lady a gift. Parents will do without some important items to give their child all the things “everybody else has.” more

Plans for senate’s future work on voting rights

Senator Chuck Schumer eagerly opened his office door and greeted Senator Mitch McConnell. more

Thinking about the little things in life

It’s just a little thing when showing a sewing project I was involved in, and someone admired it. I said, “But it’s just a little thing.” more
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