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Colbert FCCLA officers who received leadership training are, from left, Anna Bowler, Keira Copeland, Malachi Lewis, Sara Withers, Charlsee Fuller and Maddie Mueller.

The 13th annual Colton’s Main Street Run will be Oct. 15 in downtown Durant and shown are some of the participants from last year. There will be a fun run and 5 and 10K runs.

From Colton’s Run is October 15   |   9/29/22

Mike Morris and Dr. Karl Frinkle pose with the Supercomputer.

This map shows the sections of West Main Street where the speed limits will be lowered.

Speed limits will be reduced by 10 miles per hour on sections of West Main Street beginning Oct. 14.

The Semple Family will be honored with the Benefactor Award during Homecoming this fall. Left to right, Bill “Billy’’ Semple (deceased), Janie Semple Umsted, Dr. Allen William Semple (deceased), Frank Semple, Susan Semple, and Sarah Semple Brown.

Stacy Shepherd will be recognized as a Distinguished Alumna.

Camille Ortiz and Joseph Wenda will perform at Southeastern on Oct. 4 as part of the Musical Arts Series.

George Washington Elementary School Principal Valerie Crabtree visits with guests during the school’s open house Sunday afternoon.

George Washington Elementary School Principal Valerie Crabtree, right, embraces Northwest Heights first-grade teacher Deirdre Schreier during the open house for George Washington, which is the first new elementary school for Durant in 54 years. Crabtree was previously principal of Northwest Heights.

George Washington third-grade teacher Sheri Cavender is shown in her classroom during the open house for the new school.

Durant School District Superintendent Duane Merideth visited with people as they came through the front doors during the open house for the George Washington Elementary School.

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