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Fear and hatred in the Oklahoma Legislature

I just heard a video clip of Representative Justin Humphrey (R-District 19, which includes part of Bryan County) promoting his and Rob Standridge’s (R-District 15) push to pull state funding from … more

Is locker room talk really ‘just talk?’

Although E. Jean Carroll’s sexual assault lawsuit against former President Donald Trump has renewed interest in his use of the old phrase “locker room talk,” my topic here is not what Mr. Trump … more

Politics Or relationships?

If you had walked along the cobblestone streets of Herzogenaurach, Germany, as late as the 1970‘s, you would have been puzzled by the way everyone stared at your shoes. You also would not know this … more

Good news amid the gloom

There’s plenty to feel gloomy about these days: Mass shootings of innocent people in schools, churches, shopping malls, movie theaters, happening almost daily. more

Authoritarians want authority over you

American soldiers fought bravely in WWII to defeat the authoritarians Hitler and Mussolini and the fascist governments they established in Germany and Italy. But authoritarianism keeps rearing its … more

About courts minding their own business

Let’s get started with a little imaginary scene that doesn’t directly deal with the American court system. more

America needs a functioning Republican Party

Our nation’s short history is marred by past failures of various political parties, including the Democratic Party. However, it is not the Democrats who now threaten democracy. more

Can we find common ground on gun policy?

Percy Foreman (1902-1986) was a well-known trial lawyer in Houston, Texas. He was famous for his ability to win acquittals for clients. more

Memories of Memaw’s home

Sometimes I get an emotional jolt when driving by this house. more

When beliefs prove untrue

From the time we learned that Santa and the Easter Bunny were not real until our adult years, we have discovered that some things we thought were true turned out to be false. more

Read all about it? But what if there’s nothing to read?

A number of times recently, we have published, here on the forum page, articles about the importance of small-town newspapers and, in these articles, cited examples to make our point. more

Criminal injustice, Part II

Last week’s column, “Criminal Injustice, Part I,” discussed Oklahoma’s unfair system of incarceration, especially as it pertains to women and to people of color. But no discussion of mass … more

In a few hours, the good and the bad come home

In one brief but terrifying happening several weeks ago, I lived with some of the bad that human beings can do and also some of the best. more

Criminal Injustice, Part I

The United States has about 5 % of the world’s population, yet has 25% of the world’s prison inmates ( http://uchicagogate.com/articles/2020/3/24/updating-prison-system-rehabilitation-reform/). more

Health care and health services


‘We can do nothing’—really?

“If you think Washington is going to fix this problem, you’re wrong,” said Rep. Tim Burchett, R-Tennessee, just after calling the mass shooting of six people at The Covenant School in Nashville … more

A not-so-representative democracy

Probably, most of us Americans would agree that we like what our democracy has usually been. I know that I do. I can’t think of any other form of government that is even close to being as good as … more

What do pro-life activists really want?

Do pro-life activists want more babies? Mother Earth is already far past her carrying capacity with 8 BILLION humans. This pushes natural recovery processes too far. Nature’s fight for survival … more

It was a pleasure to burn

“It was a pleasure to burn” (Ray Bradbury. Fahrenheit 451. New York: Ballantine Books, 1991, p. 3). Thus begins a novel depicting a society where knowledge is censored and books are burned. more
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