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Responding to the Letter to the Editor

I thank Ms. Shelli Eidson for her comments in the letter posted Thursday, July 28, 2022, in the “Durant Democrat.” I also appreciate this newspaper for being willing to post opinions from all … more

Oklahoma brings back capital punishment — and many problems

There are serious arguments on both sides of the question of whether a modern democratic society should use capital punishment. Some people against capital punishment cite their religion as the basis … more

Letter to the editor

I’m referring to Mr. Brigman’s letter in the 7/21/22 issue of the paper, his letter to “school” us. I answered false on many of his little questions. I don’t get but 250 words so I’ll not … more

The fulcrum works best in the center

Recently while having breakfast with two of my favorite Republicans, although I am a Democrat, we discussed the polarization that politics is causing in our country. We talked about several topics, … more

Can you remember?

The telephone phone rang during the night. Alice sleepily reached for the phone. The words she heard jarred her fully awake. “Levi’s dad had a heart attack and is not expected to live. Hurry, … more

Talking nice is not always doing good

Recently, I read a suggestion by a group of Texas educators that it would be easier to discuss our nation’s pre-Civil-War history with elementary-school children if we would stop using the word … more

Once and always a teacher

My entire career as a teacher was in elementary education. I spent most of those years teaching third grade students. I enjoyed that age group of children. They were old enough to know their way … more

The culture of the United States: Some basic facts

Interest in the cultural and racial history of the United States rises and falls through the years, but the topic has been around from the beginning of the nation’s public records. more

How Did This Happen?

A man drove up to the church. He at once attracted everyone’s attention because of his flashy, expensive car. One like that had never been in the parking lot before. People were awed when he and … more

The middle is bigger than we think

Most people are somewhere in the middle politically, I believe, not at the extremes. more

What now?

The State has taken childbirth decisions away from mothers: What now? more

Valentine’s Day remembered

Sudden gunfire! Chaos. Hands instinctively raised in front of faces in a futile attempt to stop the hail of bullets—70 of them. Blood splattered on the walls and puddling on the floor. A cry for … more

It’s past time to beat swords into ploughshares

The Old Testament prophet Isaiah foresaw a time when people could abandon violence and turn to prosperous peace: ”…and they shall beat their swords into ploughshares, and spears into pruning … more

The Brave New World of the Republican Party

The Republican Party has no policy platform. Yes, you read that correctly. Their agenda, however, is easy enough to discern, and it undercuts freedom for everyone. more

Millie’s right: ‘That’s not such a good idea’

To get started, let’s imagine a wife and husband, Millie and Fred, who had just opened the box of parts for a to-be-assembled bookcase and were ready to get to work setting it up before the dinner … more

Who wants the freedom to drive while drunk?

Like, I guess, a lot of other small-town residents, I usually skim through the Court Records section of the local newspaper to see whether anybody I know has done anything crooked for me to gossip … more

Is the replacement theory a theory?

The much-discussed Replacement Theory has a long and sordid history. It is as old as when the first Anglo Saxon settlers crossed the Atlantic and settled here in North America. They soon heaped … more

‘The talk’ on finding a nursing home

Being parents, we dread having to have “The Talk” with our kids once they reach that age. How about having “The Talk” with your parents once they reach a certain age. What is “The Talk” … more

Birds aren’t real

Birds aren’t real. Birds WERE real. They were real until a dark government conspiracy gradually replaced living birds with robotic spy “birds.” Don’t believe me? Look on the internet ( 60 … more

A brief history of gun safety

No, the government is not coming to abolish the Second Amendment and take our guns! It is simply not happening. Alarmists are using that false claim as a scare tactic to instill fear. more
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